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We'd Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover is a song from the stage musical of Annie. It takes place in a Hooverville immediately after the song Tomorrow. After the song is finished being sung, Annie approaches the people living in the Hooverville and learns of their problems. After Annie gives them an optimistic way of looking at their situation, the Hoovervilleites sing the final part of the song, where they say that Annie should have been a politician, before they are interrupted by the arrival of the police, who tear down the Hooverville.

In later productions of the musical, Annie's arrival to the Hooverville and conversation with the people was moved to prior to the song being sung. Because of this, two of the lines were slightly changed and sung by Annie instead, and the final part of the song was removed and changed to regular dialogue (because it now takes place before the song is sung).

The song was cut from all three movie adaptations of the musical.


Today we're living in a shanty
Today we're scrounging for a meal 

Today I'm stealing coal for fires
Who knew I could steal? 

I used to winter in the tropics 

I spent my summers at the shore 

I used to throw away the paper-- 


He don't anymore

We'd like to thank you, Herbert Hoover
For really showing us the way 
We'd like to thank you, Herbert Hoover 

You made us what we are today 

  Prosperity was 'round the corner 
The cozy cottage built for two
In this blue heaven 
That you
Gave us 

 We're turning blue! 
They offered us Al Smith and Hoover
We paid attention and we chose
Not only did we pay attention
We paid through the nose

In ev'ry pot he said "a chicken" 
But Herbert Hoover he forgot 
Not only don't we have the chicken 
We ain't got the pot! 

(Later changed to "You ain't got the pot" and sung by Annie)

Hey Herbie 

You left behind a grateful nation

So, Herb, our hats are off to you
We're up to here with admiration 

Come down and have a little stew 

(Later changed to "You think he'd like a little stew" and sung by Annie)

Come down and share some Christmas dinner
Be sure to bring the missus too
We got no turkey for our stuffing

  Why don't we stuff you!
We'd like to thank you, Herbert Hoover
For really showing us the way 
You dirty rat, you Bureaucrat, you
Made us what we are today
Come and get it, Herb!

(Second part of the song, later cut from the play):

You shoulda been a politician!
Ya really got a way with words!

We shoulda had you on the ballot!

Them other guys is for the birds!

(Interrupted by police officer)


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