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October 25, 2019, i’m ready to help! User:Theolex

( o.o)
(U U )Hi i'm Nina. I contribute here. I'm known as Nina, but my real name is Cylindria. I'm a big fan of Annie that's why i went to the wiki to contribute. As well as touch ups for the wiki. For everyone to see. My favorite character is Annie_(character) and my least favorite character is Pepper. I love Annie and all her adventures.If i'm not editing in this wiki i'm in other wikis or i'll be writing or reading Books.

I'm an admin for this wiki. As of now, so if there's any problem or if you want to report to me something contact me via my message wall/talk page. You can contact me if you have any questions. I'll be glad to answer them.

If I'm not active within this account you can check my other one which is User:Lps6391. Contact me with the reach of that account and I'll be glad.

Note: I won't be active full time on weekdays due to school and my three YouTube channels. But I'll be active full time on weekends and weekdays if it's a holiday. User:Theolex

Links to my channels!
Lps Films Prankster Kids Gamer101

My website
|Theolex’s Blog
Don't worry i'll be active a promise to you
Twilight_Sparkle.pngTheolex believe the magic within you expecto patronum 21:41, October 21, 2019 (UTC) If you want to see my life check

My to do list

What to Edit/Add Reason Users in charge Status
Characters The wiki lacks the novel character infoboxes Partially Complete
Songs Some songs are not in this wiki.

partially complete

Spoiler Spoiler is not on articles and needed to be created. Incomplete
Portrayer's Info

No info about potrayers


Song Infobox and lack of songs. Add infoboxes and add more songs. So the wiki will have all songs. Incomplete
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