Mrs. Fowler is a minor character in Annie: A Royal Adventure!. She is Annie Warbucks' tutor, since the latter was adopted. In her classroom, Annie is writing repeatedly "I will listen in class." while Mrs. Fowler is lecturing her on not being attentive and as making sure of it always happening as her (Mrs. Fowler's) responsibility. She then snaps at her for trying to give Sandy some attention. As punishment for "continuing to disobey [her]", Mrs. Fowler assigns Annie extra homework over spring vacation: to read a book on medieval castles and write a detailed report. She doesn't tolerate any excuses (not even what Sandy wanted). She is no longer seen or heard after this, but is talked about occasionally. At the end, after her adventure in London, Annie is excited to show Mrs. Fowler her homework, declaring that she won't believe it.

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