Mickey Stuart is the deurotagonist in the 1932 radio broadcasting based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strips entitled " Little Orphan Annie ". He is portrayed by Buster Phelps. Mickey is not seen in the Broadway plays or Movies. Just the 1932 special and he appears as a minor character in the comics but appears as a girl.


We first meet Mickey crying behind a gate because his grandmother had died and a woman named Mrs. Berlin was taking him to her orphanage. Annie tries to cheer him up by telling him good things about orphans . Mickey cheers up but follows her . Annie takes Sandy to Oliver Warbucks' house ( Who had left Annie to go search for gold and become rich.) Annie fixes Mickey some leftover pig foot and a cream puff which Mickey thought was white spinach. Annie put Mickey in a bed Daddy Warbucks had carved and went to bed. But Mickey gets scared and runs to Annie and Sandy's bedroom. The next day ' Annie takes Mickey to Mrs Berlin's orphanage for boys and girls but from Annie's badly cooked meal , Mickey had an upset stomach. Mickey and Annie were sent to the Nurse's office . Mickey was given medicine and quickly felt better. Mickey was put into the orphanage along with Annie , who had to stay because Daddy Warbucks was away. The next day , all of the children got ready to see a woman named Jennifer Stuart who wanted to adopt. Annie thought she seemed mean but Mickey wanted her for a grandmother because she had white hair just like his deceased grandmother did. In the end Mickey got adopted by " Grandma Stuart "but only because Annie caught her attention by saying mean things about Mickey. Annie was glad that Mickey got adopted but Mickey was upset with Annie because of the mean things he said about him. When Mickey got home to Grandma Stuart's  mansion , he got many toys including a lion , a kitty , a toy phone and a toy piano. Back at the orphanage Annie missed Mickey dreadfully. She overheard that Mrs Stuart had a small fence that She could jump over to see Mickey. Mickey was still holding a bit of a grudge but than he admitted that he missed Annie and Sandy . Mickey invited Annie inside but she was a bit reluctant. When Mickey told her that Grandma Stuart was having a party and no one would see them , she went inside. First Mickey, Annie and Sandy snuck into the kitchen to steal food. Than Annie put on a show for Mickey. Annie did impressions and Sandy did tricks. Meanwhile ' one of Jenifer Stuart's guest stated that she believed a ghost was haunting her. Jenifer stated that she thought that the idea was foolish but when she found out that some of her food was gone , she began to believe. Eventually she found Annie and Sandy in the house and ordered them to leave. Mickey did not want Annie to leave and went to a window to call her. Unfortunately ' Mickey fell out of the window. Luckily ' the doctors proclaimed that Mickey would be alright because he always eats his spinach. Mrs Stuart threw a party for all of the orphans at Mrs Berlin's orphanage during Christmastime and Annie was reunited with Daddy Warbucks.


Mickey is suspected to be between the age groups of 4 to 6 . Mickey is throughout the special confused and scared because he had just become an orphan . But we also see him as very fun loving , a bit sneaky and Mrs Berlin states that he is the most well behaved of all the orphans which implies that he is good natured. We also see that his conscious is very strong since he felt guilty about biting an Apple without paying and eating a pig's foot. 

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