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Lady Edwina Hogbottom is the main antagonist of the 1995 telefilm Annie: A Royal Adventure!. She is an evil noblewoman (but it isn't revealed at first despite a hint near the beginning) who schemes to blow up Buckingham Palace so she can be Queen of England, thinking that the crown is rightfully hers. She has a son named Rupert, who is one of her helpers, along with Mean Murphy Knuckles. She is in love with Oliver Warbucks, whom she is seductive with, and she hates children. Later, when Annie saves England by adding some kind of potion to her rocket and causes it to explode over the ocean, Lady Hogbottom is arrested by Scotland Yard, along with her son, his partner, and his girlfriend (and her maid) Charity.

Lady Hogbottom is portrayed by Joan Collins.

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