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Kate is one of the Orphans in Annie. She is usually the second youngest orphan in most adaptations except for in the 1982 film she is seen as the oldest rather than July and Duffy. 

In the 1982 film, she is played by April Lerman, and in the 1999 film, she was played by Lalaine.

Kate is a tomboyish orphan with glasses who doesn't talk too much in the 1999 film and some musical productions. In the 1982 film, she is the kindest orphan, and looks after the other orphans. She is a motherly figure and is the oldest. She has a beautiful voice, braids, long black hair, is tall, and wears a purple sailor's dress.

1982 film

She first appears in the movie yelling at the orphans to stop fighting, saying "You're gonna get us in trouble!" After Annie breaks up the fight, she lies in bed listening to Annie singing Maybe. She is woken up by Miss Hannigan and sings "It's a Hard Knock Life" with the rest of the orphans. Throughout the sequence, she is seen running around, peeling potatoes, and sleeping on the stairs. When Molly wakes her up pretending to be Miss Hannigan, Kate and the other orphans joke about "Yanking the whiskers from her chin" and "Stabbing her with a safety pin." After the end of the song, when Annie jumps into the laundry basket, she frets about Annie being hurt by Miss Hannigan. When Mr. Bundles comes to take away the laundry basket with Annie in it, she helps put it in the truck.

Annie is captured and comes back with a dog called Sandy. After Miss Hannigan leaves, all the orphans crowd around Sandy and think up names for him. Kate beings singing, suggesting they name him "Champion."

After Annie leaves, Kate and the other main orphans lie in bed reminiscing about their would-be parents, singing the reprise to Maybe. Kate sings the line in an amazing voice, "So maybe now this prayer's the last one of its kind."

A few days later, Kate and some other orphans scare Miss Hannigan with a mouse.

When Annie goes on the radio, Kate and the other orphans perform "You're never fully dressed without a smile." She dances, and gives her shoe to be used as a microphone. She climbs onto the desk, and sings the line "You're never fully dressed without a smile," while swinging her hips and twirling her pigtails. She soon after solos "...And not from head to toe," as she dances off of the desk. While Miss Hannigan comes into the office, she and the other orphans dance rockette style, but she runs away after Molly stomps on her foot.

When Kate is playing a game of Bunko, Molly comes in and tells her and the other orphans about how Miss Hannigan is going to do something bad to Annie. When they try to run away to warn her, Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily St. Regis capture them and lock them into the paddle closet. Pepper shows them how to escape through the roof, and they begin to run to 987 Fifth Ave. to tell Annie about the plot to capture her. After a long hike, they are demotivated, and Kate wants to go back, but when they find Sandy, they are encouraged to keep going. When they get to Oliver Warbuck's mansion, Annie has already been taken away, but they tell Mr. Warbucks about the plot.

At the end sequence, before Annie is given her new locket, Kate is seen with her friends in a pink dress and pink hat.

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