Jenny Sturt ( or Mrs Stuart or Grandma Stuart) Is a main character in the 1932 radio broadcasting " Little Orphan Annie (1932 Sequel)". 


Jenny Stuart is a rich woman that is hard to please. She constantly complains and whines. She claims that she never changes her mind. Despite this ' Mrs Stuart does have a good side. She seems to have a love for children and simply adores her adopted son . Jenny is not exactly a snob and realizes that she did something wrong quickly. 


Jenny visited Mrs Berlin's orphanage for boys and girls to adopt a child. She adopted Mickey because Annie caught her attention by saying mean things about him since Mickey wanted her as a grandmother. Jenny bought Mickey to her mansion and gave him many toys and his own room. The next day she hosts a party . Annie visited the mansion with Sandy and after Annie and Mickey become friends again they sneak into the kitchen to get some food. Jenny heard one of her guest state that she believed she was haunted by a ghost and seeing half the food gone began to raise her suspicion . Eventually she found Annie in the house putting on a play for Mickey and kicked her out of the house. Mickey called Annie from the window but fell out. Luckily he survived and during Christmastime Jenny threw a party for all of the orphans at the orphanage.

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