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This page is here to show you how brutal the comic is and a strong advice is to wait until your kids are adults, however the decision of letting your kids read this is up to you!!! It's also advisable not to let kids read especially those under the age of 7

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General Information

Title: Little Orphan Annie
Author: Harnold Gray
Release Date: August 5 1924
Genre: Adventure, Action, Humor
Number of Pages: depending on the comic title
Description: The story is all about the adventures of a girl named Annie
Main Characters: Annie (character), Miss Hannigan, Oliver Warbucks, Grace Farrell, Punjab, Asp, Selby
Related Book Series: writing for a series already
Related Films: Annie (1982 Film), Annie (2014 Film), Annie 1999 film, Annie: A Royal Adventure!

Content Ratings

Violence: Yes
Language: depends on issue
Sexual Themes and Nudity: no
Drugs and Alcohol: no
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: no
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