Annie A Royal Adventure! is the 1995 (in the US) sequel (1996 internationally) to the 1982 film version of Annie. It was made for television, originally airing on ABC. Unlike its predecessor, which was distributed by Columbia Pictures, it was released by its companion company, Tristar Pictures. The sequel takes place in 1935, as the original took place in 1933. It is part-American and part-British, as the most part is set in London. The film's length is approximately 93 minutes long. Aside from a reprise of "Tomorrow," there are no songs in it.


Annie is back! Along with her friends Molly, Hannah, her dog Sandy, and her wealthy father Oliver Warbucks. They take a trip to England where Oliver Warbucks is going to be Knighted by the King. Annie and the gang stumbles onto a wicked scheme led by an evil noblewoman who plans to blow up Buckingham Palace so she can become Queen and claim the throne for herself! And now it is up to Annie and her friends to stop her!



  • Annie Warbucks is the main protagonist of the film, as usual. She is the adopted daughter of Oliver Warbucks. In this film, she is 12, and is played by Ashley Johnson.
  • Sandy is a supporting and major character. He is played by a dog named Jesse.
  • Oliver Warbucks is the deuteragonist of the film, as usual. He is Annie's adoptive rich father who is going to be knighted by the King of England. He is played by George Hearn.
  • Punjab is a supporting character and one of Oliver's bodyguards. He is played by Antony Zaki.
  • The Asp is another supporting character and Oliver's other bodyguard. He is played by David Tse.
  • Miss Hannigan was originally the main antagonist of all media, later turned protagonist in the end of the 1982 film. However, she does seem to be mean again in the sequel. In this film, Miss Hannigan has a minor role. She is played by Carol Cleveland, while the late Mary Kay Bergman did her voice.
  • Molly was originally a supporting, minor character in the 1982 film, and of course, the musical. This time, she is a major character, and is still an orphan. She is eight years old in this film and wears two ponytails in her hair. She is played by Camilla Belle.


  • Lady Edwina Hogbottom is the main antagonist of the film. She is an evil noblewoman who intends to destroy Buckingham Palace with a rocket while all heirs to the throne are present so she will be queen, and to seduce Oliver. She is played by Joan Collins.
  • Dr. Eli Eon is the tritagonist of the film. He is the founder of his element Eonite. He is played by Ian McDiarmind.
  • Rupert Hogbottom is one of the secondary antagonists of the film. He is Lady Hogbottom's son and the leader of the duo. He is also in love with her maid, Charity. Rupert is played by Crispin Bonham Carter.
  • Mean Murphy Knuckles (simply known as "Murphy") is the other secondary antagonist of the film. He is portrayed by Perry Benson.
  • Charity is the maid of Lady Hogbottom and eventually, the girlfriend of her son Rupert. She is played by Jayne Ashbourne.
  • Hannah is Annie's friend. She has adoptive and unseen parents, who give her permission to attend the trip to London with Annie and her father. She is played by Emily Ann Lloyd.
  • Madame Charlotte is a fortune teller who makes dimes from telling fortunes. She is the one who tells Annie about going on a trip and the bad things about it, such as "sinister characters," which turn out at first to be Rupert and Murphy. She is played by Deborah MacLaren.
  • Michael Webb is a supporting character and a British friend of Annie, Hannah and Molly, the latter of whom becomes his adoptive sister. He is played by George Wood.
  • Mrs. Fowler is Annie's tutor. She forces Annie to write sentences for not listening in class, and assigns Annie a detailed book report on medieval castles over spring break as punishment for continuing to disobey her by briefly tending to Sandy when she was supposed to write her sentences and listen to her. She is played by Ann Morrish.


  • For unexplained reasons, Grace Farrell doesn't appear in this special, nor is she even spoken of.
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