Annie woth orphans
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NELL CARTER's extra ANNIE song

NELL CARTER's extra ANNIE song


Ms. Hannigan
How nice...
How... Wonderful
Annie in the high-life
Sweet as apple pie life
That is really delightful news...
And she just loves her new coat
She never takes it off
Oh, and guess what-
Ms. Hannigan
I don't need three guesses...
Closets full of dresses.. Hm?
Matching all of her blouses, jumpers, and shoes
Ms. Hannigan
Everything with her is... Hunky dory...
Don't you love our rags to riches story?
Ms. Hannigan
You make me happy...
So very happy.
I don't know... What to do.
Darling, how your... Happy words
Makes my weary heart rejoice.
Do you see my sunny smile?
Hear the music, in my voice?!

I want more... Happy.
The kind, you bring me
I never... Knew before!

Paint another picture so that I can see...
Annie livin' in the lap of luxury.
You make me happy
Got some more?
Actually, I was saving the best for last
This has to be signed and sent back to Mr. Donatelli, at the board of orphans, by tomorrow.
Because... Mr. Warbucks is so taken with Annie, that guess what...
Ms. Hannigan
He wants to adopt her.
Ms Hannigan
How... Nice...
How wonderful...
So Annie's gonna be Warbucks's kid?
The daughter of a millionaire?
Oh no no no
The daughter of a billionaire
Ms Hannigan
A billionaire!
Would you excuse me for a second please?
Just one minute?
Ms Hannigan
Thought I knew happy!
But no! I didn't!
Not 'till you walked through my door!
Put me to a rooftop, so that I can shout!
Finally know what happiness is all about!

You make me happy!
So very happy!
Like I have never ever been...
Get out!

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